7 Best Exercise Mat for Hardwood Floors [Reviews 2021] | An Ultimate Buying Guide

Stopping the slipping and bunching is the primary step of enhancing your safety while exercising on a hardwood floor. To do this, then you will need an exercise mat for hardwood floors.

Furthermore, hardwood floor mats help in reducing exercise noise. This is because hardwood floors are installed over hard concrete floors. Therefore, providing zero flexibility which is essential for most if not all workouts.

If you have used a hardwood floor without a mat before, then you know the extent of injuries it may cause. So, in this article, we will provide you with a guide of the top 7 best exercise mats for the hardwood floor.

Remember, there are a ton of different exercise mats in the markets designed for various activities. But in this article, we will only focus on types of mats that suit workouts, exercising, or gymnastics.

Furthermore, we have provided you with what you should look for in an exercise mask. This will make it easy for you to choose your best mat within the 7 exercise mats reviewed bellow.

Top 5 Best Exercise Mat for Hardwood Floors Comparison in 2020


Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat - 8' x 4' x 1/4' Ultra...

    • Weight: 19 lbs
    • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
    • Warranty: LIFETIME
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Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat 72'x 48'(6'x4') x 7mm for Pilates...

  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
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RevTime Extra Large Exercise Mat 8 x 6 Feet (96'x 72'x1/8')...

  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
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Square36 Extra Large Exercise Mat/Fitness Equipment Mat 10'...

  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
Check Price

TOPLUS Yoga Mat, Upgraded Non-Slip Texture Pro Yoga Mat Eco...

  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
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The 7 Best Exercise Mat for Hardwood Floors Reviews

1. Gorilla Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat

Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat - 8' x 4' x 1/4' Ultra...

If you want to limit your gym visits by transforming your home into a better workout space, then Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat can help with that. This quality exercise mat is made by Gorilla Mats, which one of the best mats manufacturers in the market.

This exercise mat is large and thick enough to be suitable for any cardio, dance, or strength workouts. The extra thickness helps you to protect not only your joints but also your floors. Remember, the hardwood floor is expensive, and destroying it will a worse than sore joints after an intensive workout.

This mat is also a double-sided original mat design that is durable and offers unmatched cushion. This is because it is a high-intensity mat with advanced non-slip performance. To prevent it from sliding, the mat is equipped with a unique, circle-pattern bottom grips.

The mat also offers comfort, stability, and heavy-duty toughness. This is because of quality eco-friendly, non-toxic materials used to craft gorilla mat to help deliver superior performance.

One good thing about gorilla mats is that it comes with a towel, carry bag, and straps. A microfiber towel is essentials in wiping away moisture to add extra grip and padding.

Two Velcro straps and a carry bag are also essential in that it ensures that your mat is well rolled, strapped, and then stored or transported easily.

Why this mat?

Another thing that makes it an ideal choice is the lifetime guarantee. This means that with a lifetime warranty, you are 100% money-back eligible.


It’s a durable, double-sided design

Comes with straps, carry bag and a microfiber towel

Has a lifetime warranty

Suitable for high-intensity workouts


A bit overpriced

Some customers have said it needs supplemental yoga mats to ease the roughness on your hands.

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2. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat

Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat 72'x 48'(6'x4') x 7mm for Pilates...

Are you looking for a quality mat that allows you to work out without shoes? If so, then I recommend trying Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat. This quality mat is made by Gxmmat, another well known, reputable company in the mats market.
This mat is ideal for bot yoga studios and home workouts.

It is an extra-large and wide mat that is suitable for all-purpose use. This is an essential feature since you will need not to buy more than one mat to fit your multiple workout programs. You can do stretching, mediations, Pilates, light cardio, and any other workout using this mat.

This mat also features a double-sided no-skid surface design to ensure your safety and improve its efficiency. These features ensure that the mat’s tractions and superior grips are enhanced. Furthermore, the tops layer of the mat is soft and flexible.

Gxmmat has also chosen to design a mat that is safe for your body, mind, and spirit. This non-toxic mat is free from latex, phthalate, and silicone.

Why this mat?

Because it is a durable and long-lasting design that is soft on your skin, multi-purpose design and offers lifetime services.


Multi-purpose design, meaning it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Flexible and premium quality mat

It is a non-toxic mat

It is a soft mat that comes with lifetime services

Large Size


It is so thin that you may hurt your knees

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3. RevTime Extra Large Exercise Mat

RevTime Extra Large Exercise Mat 8 x 6 Feet (96'x 72'x1/8')...

RevTime Extra Large Exercise Mat is a perfect mat for dance workouts, P90X, jumping rope, Insanity, Zumba, kettlebell, and home gym workouts. It is one of the largest rubber mats that are suitable for high-intensity workouts and allows you to work without shoes.

This heavy-duty mat is made of solid rubber so as to support high-intensity workouts as well as durable performance. It is an anti-slip exercise mat that is suitable for any kind of aerobic exercise. Besides its impeccable performance, this mat is known not only to protect your hardwood floor but also to reduce noise.

To ensure maximum comfort, this mat is made with high-tech synthetic rubber, which makes it a highly flexible mat.Besides not being spongy, the mat can still help protect your joints thanks to its flexibility.

By using this mat, you are assured of zero slippery. This is because the surface of this mat is meticulous anti-slip grain, which is essential in preventing sliding.

Why this mat?

First, it is easy to back mat; this is space-saving. This is enabled by the interlocking features that allow lining and combining mat to fit maximum space. This makes the ideal mat choice for multiple workouts.

Secondly, it is an eco-friendly material which is recyclable and usable for many times. By buying this, you’re avoiding stinky, allergic, and carbon black materials.


Non-toxic, non-stinky mat

It is a durable multi-purpose mat

Has stronger grips to prevent sliding

It is a large enough mat with an interlocking feature

Medium-thick mat


Not thick enough for high-intensity workouts

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4. Square36 New 12 Ft x 6 Ft Extra Large Exercise Mat

Square36 Large Exercise Mat 12 Ft x 6 Ft x 7mm (144' x 72')...

This German-made mat is a high grade, certified non-toxic mat that’s suitable for home-based workouts –cardio, conditioning, fitness and strength training workouts. The Square36 Exercise Mat allows you to workout with or without shoes, thanks to its quality grade material.

This cardio mat is the best non-toxic, high-quality mat that is suitable for more than one workout. It is a super large mat, meaning you need to measure your space before purchasing it accurately. Another thing is that Square36 mat comes with a thick top vinyl coating that is responsible for its durability.

It made with the high-grade non-toxic material and has been tested by Swiss for 19191 harmful materials. Therefore, this product is Oeko-Tex 100 Certified and fits in both home gyms or living room workouts. This authentic mat is the biggest type in the market.

It is made for cardio exercises such as P90X, Insanity, or TAM, or home gym workouts like jumping rope or kettlebell to dance workouts like Zumba.

Why this mat?

Because this mat is eco-friendly since it meets the strict EU environmental regulations. Furthermore, it is large enough and thick mat to sustain any home gym workout.


It is an eco-friendly mat

Huge enough

Available in different sizes

High-quality mat

Suits multiple workouts


Not thicker enough for aerobics

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5. TOPLUS Yoga Mat

TOPLUS Yoga Mat, Upgraded Non-Slip Texture Pro Yoga Mat Eco...

Looking for a hardwood exercise mat that fits all forms of yoga workouts? If so, then TOPLUS Yoga Mat is ideal for that. It is a double-layered TPE yoga mat with an ungraded anti-skid design that offers more comfort. TOPLUS are the designers of this top graded mat.

The optimal thickness of 6mm offers an optimal level of protection to your joints and knees. Most mats are either too thin or too thick, but this design is a more reliable one when it comes to offering most comfort.

This mat is also equipped with stronger grips that ensure the mat is fixed and doesn’t slide while working out.

Another essential feature of this mat is that it is lightweight and easy to carry mat. This mat weighs 37oz and can easily fold for secure storage and transport.

Why this mat?

Toplus always value your satisfaction, for that the yoga mat comes with a ONE-YEAR hassle-free warranty. The optimum thickness and the patent-pending new echo-friendly material is another reason why you should get this mat. It offers the latest technological improvement thanks to the TPE materials.


Features TPE materials that offer

improved yoga mat performance

It has an optimal thickness

Eco-friendly mat

Suits all forms of yoga exercise

Flexible, lightweight, double-layer design


Some customers have complained about it not being a skid-free mat as advertised

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YOGA DESIGN LAB | The Combo Yoga Mat | 2-in-1 Mat+Towel |...

What a better way to exercise and keep yourself fit while helping the needy boys and girls out there. The yoga design lab who’re the designers of this mat donate $1 from each purchase to the needy boys and girls in yoga programs.

Apart from that, this yoga mat is among the most used yoga mats in the market. First, because the mat is a machine-washable design, thus allows you to keep the mat neat and clean.

Secondly, because it is an eco-friendly mat that is made with a microfiber from recycled bottles, natural tree rubber as well as water-based paints. This premium mat also comes with a microfiber towel which helps improve the grip by wiping the moisture.

It is a lightweight design (4.85 pounds) which means you can easy transport or work with it to your favourite destination. This mat is also an eco-friendly and a premium quality mat that offers quality performance and comfort to protect your knees and joints.

Why this mat?

Because it is a non-slip design matt that comes with a towel with 2-in-1 innovative technology. This mat is also available in more than three designs the combo mat, commuter mat and travel mat.

They are all tailored to fit specific use and conditions. Finally, you can get a 10% discount when you buy two or more Yoga Design Lab products.


Lightweight, thin quality mat

It is a washable design

Comes with a microfiber towel

Fairly priced


The mat may slightly move during transition

It takes times to dry after being washed

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7. Liforme Original Yoga Mat

Liforme Original Yoga Mat – Patented Alignment System,...

Get the best out of your yoga mat sessions by choosing the best grip Yoga Mat in the market. This yoga mat features a unique and patented Alignment System that is essential in almost every workout.

The first admirable features of this mat are the wider and longer mat design. These features are essential in that it allows you to accomplish more than one workout with just one mat.

This mat is made with biodegradable PVC-free materials making it user friendly. And its unique alignment system is another distinguishing feature in this exercise mat, and it helps a lot during workouts.

This mat also comes with a Liforme Yoga Mat bag that helps in transporting or storing the mat. Furthermore, the mat is available in 4 different colours for you to choose from –they include Green, Pink, Blue and Black.

Why this mat?

The Liforme yoga mat offered a revolutionary grip, comfort and unmatched cushioning to your daily workout routine. This provides protection to your joints and knees as well as ensuring that you meet your daily fitness goals.


Revolutionary grip

It is a body kind, non-toxic mat

Features a patented alignment system marks

It is a PVC free and biodegradable mat

It is a broader and longer mat design


It quite expensive than most exercise mats for hardwood floors

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Choosing The Best Exercise Mat for Hardwood floors –Buyers Guide

The basic principle of getting the best exercise mats is knowing what to look for in an exercise mat. Therefore, to help with this, I have created 9 key points in the form of questions to show you how to choose the best mat. So, let’s start.

Is Your Mat Big Enough?

Is it? –if you are doing fitness exercises like yoga or Pilates, then you will be probably lying on the mat most of the time. This is why you need to choose the type of mat the suits your high as well as the type of exercise you will be doing. Consider the fact that even some of the stretching exercises need enough space. And using the hardwood floor can be uncomfortable and at the same time, dangerous.

So, if you look closely you will find most of the mats in our review about are wider and longer mat.

Does Your Mat Work On Your Floor?

Before purchasing any mat, first, consider if the mat fit and work best on your floor. By doing this, you will be avoiding injuries and aches of returning the product. So I recommend that you select the proper exercise mat based on your floor surface. Remember, what works best on a hardwood floor doesn’t mean it will work best on a tile or marble surface.

How Comfortable Is Your Mat?

How comfortable do you expect your mat to be? And what are the comfort features that you should look for in a mat? These two questions will help you choose the best mat based on comfortability. Start by looking for the quality of cushion in that specific mat since cushion helps protect sore knees and joints.

It should also be flexible and non-toxic. You won’t be comfortable on a mat that you know it is toxic right? Then why don’t you choose eco-friendly mat? So look for these features:

  • Quality Cushioning
  • Better support
  • Non-toxic materials

What’s Your Mat Made Out of?

Determining the materials used to make your mat is another way of enhancing your comfort. This is because by knowing the materials used, you will be able to avoid toxic mats. It also helps you know if can absorb impact shock, sustain high-intensity workouts and provide enough cushioning. Materials like the vinyl cover or any natural material are essential.

Does Your Mat Stay Put?

To ensure your mat stay put, you should check if the mat is anti-slip. Some of the mats are double layered mats with one of the side being a no kid rug. But in case you want to boost your carpets non-skid feature, then you can install a no-skid rug backing bellow your exercise mat. But if your mat is a high-quality one with no-skid features, then you should always keep it clean and wipe the moisture beneath it to increase its grip.

Are Your Workouts Actually Hurting Your Body?

Comfort is a necessary thing in every mat, and this is why you should always consider the comfort of a mat before purchasing it. To be able to last and complete a workout session, you need endurance. And one thing that improves endurance is the comfortability of an exercise mat. Without these, you will have sore joints, knees and entire body. So always ensure that the mat cushion offers optimum comfort.

Is Your Mat Easy to Clean?

Clean mat boosts your comfort, which ends up boosting your workout morale. So to ensure that your workout mat is always clean, you need to get a machine washable mat. Having this type of mat will ensure that the mat can be cleaned. That mat should be not only washable but also durable in that it doesn’t lose its soft texture after washing.

Is Your Gym Floor Portable?

Are you looking for a portable exercise mat? If so, then there are few features, you need to consider while purchasing a mat. These features include:

  • Straps. Which are essential in ties the mat after rolling it up and is essential not only in transport but also storage
  • Carry Bag. Check and see if the mat come with a carry bag; if it does, then it is a portable mat.
  • Is it lightweight? Some might not come with a carry bag but are lightweight. These means you can still easily transport it.
  • Small size. Large size mats are always bulky and heavy thus not suitable for transport.

Can I Use My Workout Mat for Yoga?

Most of the mat lately are multi-purpose workouts meaning it can be used for both yoga and other workouts. As long as workout mat provide sufficient cushioning and support to your body, then it’s ideal for yoga too. Remember, an exercise mat is designed to make your workout comfortable, making it is a helpful workout assessor just like a yoga mat.

What Are the Benefits of an Exercise Mat?

Do you need an exercise mat? Yes, you do. This is because an exercise mat grants you a lot of benefits if you use it while doing a workout. But are the benefits, do you know any? Let’s explore their benefits together.

» Comfort

I f you need to get the ultimate comfort while doing your workout on a hardwood floor, then you need an exercise mat. It acts as extra padding between your body and the hardwood floor. It essential to everyone but mostly to those with sensitive knees, joints and wrists.

» Safety and support

Sliding on a floor while trying to balance your body during a workout is a dangerous thing. This might lead to severe injuries which can be avoided by using an exercise mat. A quality mask that suits your workout will stay out during a workout, ensuring your body is at the right posture and safe.

» Promotes Cleanliness

If you are want to do an outdoor workout or to visit a gym to work out, then be assured the floors of those places will not be clean. Having an extra layer of protection between you and the ground will ensure you stay clean if that’s your aim. Not everyone likes to get dirty while working out, and using a workout mat is much cleaner that not using.

» Personal space

If you are in a yoga class with other people, then the best way to book your space is by using a yoga mat. It is also applicable in gym and studio.

Best Exercise Mats’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

i) Is there a difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

Yes. But the main difference between a yoga mat and exercise mat is basically due to the thickness of each mat. Exercise mats are thicker than yoga mat with a thickness variation of about ¼. This is because most exercise mats are supposed to sustain high-intensity workouts, unlike yoga mats.

ii) What is the best exercise mats to get?

There are a lot of different models and brands of exercise mats in the market. So, determining what type or brand is best to get will depends on your needs.

This is why you need to start first by defining the number and types of workouts you will be doing. After this, you can now determine the cushioning and other features that a specific type should have.

By doing this, you will be determining the best brand to go get. Keep in mind that there are some essential features that an exercise at should have. These features include anti-slip, Eco-friendly, ultimate cushioning, and of course, durable.

iii) How do you protect hardwood floors from exercise equipment?

First it essential you know the type of material used in the beneath the feet of that equipment. Generally speaking, most of the exercise equipment comes with a rubberized foot. But the truth is they might be good but not better on a hardwood floor.

So there is one a solution to apply in this case -placing a protective paper underlayment between the floor and the machine feet. By doing this, you’re reducing the impact of the machine on the hardwood floor hence protecting the floor. One tip though, if you want to move the machine, don’t drug it.

iv) Are exercise mats necessary?

Are you regularly doing floor-based strength workout? If so, then it is necessary. Let’s take, for instance, you frequently do yoga classes or Pilates, for this it will be a must thing. An exercise mat is a handy tool, and it comes with its benefits.

First of all, they are essential equipment when it comes to protecting your knees and joints. And if you need better comfort while working out on a hardwood floor, then you should get it. However, it isn’t that essential if you are not more into these types of workouts.

v) Which side of the exercise mat goes on the floor?

When it comes to sides of mats, then there are two types the double-sided and single-sided mats. So if your mat is double-sided, it means it is reversible; thus, either side goes on the floor.

This type of mat is mostly made of rubber materials. If not reversible, then you will have to look closely to determine which side goes down. The doted side of the mat is the one should go down since the doted textures are designed to stop sliding.

vi) What is the best flooring for a home gym?

Rubber. This is the common type of mat used in the gym, followed by vinyl, carpet, foam, and turf being other popular types. Rubber mats are popular type simply because they are easy to clean, durable, affordable and versatile mats.
The other thing is that rubber is mostly useful in handling high-intensity workouts which most people seem to be doing.

vii) How do you know if an exercise yoga mat is good?

Start by going through reviews. Some might say no, but the truth is reviews are usually the first step of knowing the product. This is because actual people who bought and used that product are commenting on the experience of using that product. After this, you can now check on the other thing like thickness, sliding, foam, toxicity, durability, and lightness.

viii) What thickness exercise mat is right for me?

First, you should know that the right thickness depends on the type of workout you will be doing. For general fitness, I recommend using at least half an inch mat. This is because general fitness will include high-intensity workouts that need at least thicker exercise mats for better comfort and safety.

On the other hand, low-intensity workouts like most yoga do require a standard yoga mat which is usually 0.125 inch (3 mm).

Final verdict

Overall, exercise mats are the best and necessary equipment, mostly when you are doing floor-based workouts. Therefore, choosing your best exercise mat for hardwood floor will depend on your workout needs.

And to do so, you will need to follow the information in our buying guide. Our reviewed product list features some of the best, versatile and highly graded mats in the markets. So, don’t fail to check their prices and more info in amazon.

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