The 8 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens [2021] Experts’ Reviews, Buying Guide

For women, indoor cycling is one best way of keeping yourself fit and healthy. But to have an effective cycling session, you need the best indoor cycling shoes women.

Cycling shoes are essential not only for maximum comfort but also for improving the effectiveness of your pedal stroke.

However, finding the best type of cycling shoes for women in the current market can be overwhelming. This is because there are a lot of shoes as well as things that you need to know before choosing that specific shoe.

Therefore, to help you find the best shoe, we have come up with this guide article that will take you through, from the top 8 best cycling shoes to buying guides and FAQs.

Our buying guide will guide you on what to consider and what to look for in a cycling shoe when purchasing it. Note: these are the fundamentals tips you need to get the best women’s indoor cycling shoes.

5 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens Comparison in 2020

TIEM Slipstream - Lunar Gray - Indoor Cycling Shoe, SPD...
    • Weight: 19 lbs
    • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
    • Warranty: LIFETIME
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New Balance Women's WX09 V1 Cycle Shoe, White/Grey, 10.5 B...
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
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Tommaso Terra 100 Women's Indoor Cycling Ready, MTB, Road...
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
Check Price
PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's fm Cross-Trainer Shoe Black...
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
Check Price
PEARL IZUMI Women's All-Road v5 Cycling Shoe, Black/Atomic...
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
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The 8 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens Reviews

1. TIEM Slipstream – Indoor Cycling Spin Shoe, SPD Compatible

TIEM Slipstream - Lunar Gray - Indoor Cycling Shoe, SPD...

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TIEM Slipstream indoor cycling shoe is one of the highly graded shoes in the market. They are comfortable design with ultimate performance and durability. They come with a ton of useful features that make them a suitable choice for indoor use.

Comfort and breathability are two top must-have features that I will like my cycling shoes to have. And believe it or not, these shoes have precisely that and more.

The shoe also features an athletic textile upper as well as engineered mesh to provide comfortable and breathable wear.

It also offers better convenience thanks to its rubber outsole and recessed SPD cleat assembly that allows you to easy movement around the studio.

Apart from its stylish design and this shoe is an original slip-on, single-strap cycling shoe.

Why this shoe in the top picks?

The reason why this shoe is the beast is that it is a durable design that is available in different colors to compliment your cycling style.

It has compatible SPD with its underfoot made with durable nylon cycling shank. Convenience and comfort are all included to make your spinning experience better.


Available in different colors
It is a breathable shoe that offers maximum comfort throughout the workout
High-quality shoes with stylish design
Ideal for spin classes
It’s a quality shoe built to last


Not compatible with 3-bold delta since the SPD cleats are 2-bolt system
The cleats are sold separately
Besides its impeccable performance, it is a relatively expensive type
Not that versatile

2. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's fm Cross-Trainer Shoe Black...

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The Tazon 6 WN’s FM is a quality trainer shoe that is ideal for indoor cycling. This shoe is not only able to withstand high-intensity exercise but also to offer unmatched comfort while spinning.

This trainer shoe is adorned with advanced features, all dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals with ease.

Comfort is one of the outstanding features of this shoe. This is because the shoe is designed with quality upper, midsole, and outsole. The midsole has EVA foam, upper is synthetic leather made, and the outsole features TPU piece and EVA foam in the heel.

In order to enhance comfort further, this shoe design is breathable thanks to the perforation made throughout (EcoOrthoLite sockliner). It is also a standard weight shoe weighing about 11 ounces.

Style is another admirable feature of shoes; it poses a distinct feel that makes it stand out. Overall, it is a durable, flexible, and comfortable shoe with unique look and protection abilities.

Why this shoe in the top picks?

This shoe is the perfect choice if you want a durable, comfortable design with a unique style. The rubber outsole in this shoe makes it ideal for high impact workouts.

This shoe also provides protection; for example, the upper leather protects the inner elements while the EVA foam midsole enhances comfort.


It is a stable and durable design
Stylish design
Ideal for all-around use
Coms with firm cushioning


Not suitable for running

3. Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Cycling Shoes

Tommaso Terra 100 Women's Indoor Cycling Ready, MTB, Road...

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Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s spin shoe is a classy shoe that includes all features that you might ever need. It is a road cycling SPD compatible shoe that offers unrivaled quality and value to your training or riding sessions.

The shoe tongue and heel come with an optimal amount of foam that is essential in providing comfort in both upstroke and downstroke. It is made with synthetic leather material, and it has a Velcro strap that offers ergonomic fit.

Furthermore, the shoe features a ventilated mesh vents that enhance the breathability of the shoe hence cooling your feet. This shoe is also designed with the fiberglass-reinforced sole.

This type of sole is important in that it provides optimal stiffness and power transfer, which helps you get the most out of every stroke. With this fiberglass technology, you can ride faster and longer.

Why this shoe in the top picks?

This shoe is an ideal choice for you due to its versatility. The rubber sole combined with recessed cleat ensures that you get a shoe that is suitable for indoor cycling, commuting, mountain, and touring.

Besides, it is a durable and comfortable design with fiberglass-reinforced sole to provide great indoor spin experience.


Can be used in any kind of indoor spin bike
Works by increasing your cycling performance
Great durable design
Offer premium comfort


Not suitable for outdoor use
Its design suit professional spinner more

4. New Balance Women’s 09v1 Cycling Shoe

New Balance Women's WX09 V1 Cycle Shoe, White/Grey, 10.5 B...

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If you are a lady of unique-fashioned taste and style, then I recommend trying this cycling shoe. The New Balance Women’s Training Shoe, 09v1, is not only fashionably designed but also offers better results. It comes with several advanced features that makes this brand stand out from the rest.

This 09v1 training shoes comes with 3 Velcro strap which is essential in providing a snug fit for comfortable wear. Even during the hardest workout classes this shoes can help power you through thanks to the SPD cleat compatibility.

And for maximum comfort the New Balance 09v1 training shoes is constructed with breathable mesh using synthetic materials. Its synthetic stiff sole is ideal for indoor riding and it also boost your workout.

Why this shoe in the top picks?

The 09v1 shoes are lightweight and comes EVA foamed midsole for maximum comfort and flexibility. It is a fashionably designed shoes that offers universal use.


These shoes are easy to slip on and off
It is an ideal choice for indoor riding thanks to its nice stiff sole
The shoes are available in an array of colors to choose from


While riding the foot can slightly slide forward hence becoming uncomfortable

5. Ryka Women’s Devotion XT Cross Trainer Shoe

RYKA Women's Devotion XT Cross Trainer, Navy, 6 M US

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Are you looking for something casual, rocky and comfortable? If so, then you should try Ryka Women’s Devotion XT cross-trainer.

It features an exquisite design and a ton of features that provides support, comfort and protection to your feet. Ryka XT cross trainers are considered to be the best sneakers for daily Zumba use.

These sneakers are made from synthetic material with breathable mesh so as to offer extra comfort to your feet. Apart from offering proper ventilation, this shoe is also lightweight and can be suitable for other cross fit indoor trainings such as yoga or dance exercises.

When compared with other similar brands, this training shoe is durable and can’t wear out easily. This is because the shoes’ outsole is made with solid rubber, which is a durable material. The accurate return footbed and laces makes this shoe a snug fit comfortable daily wear.

Why this shoe in the top picks?

If you are looking for comfortable sneakers that are affordable and quality, then I recommend Ryka Women’s Devotion XT cross-trainer.


It is a lightweight shoe
It is a breathable shoe
It features great style and design
Offers better comfort as compared to other similar brands
It is an affordable shoe that is suitable for indoor spinning and other indoor exercises.


Some users have reported that after months of use the bottom of the shoes falls apart.

6. Pearl Izumi Women’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe

PEARL IZUMI Women's All-Road v5 Cycling Shoe, Black/Atomic...

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Whether you are getting started or you have been cycling for ages, a great pair of women’s spinning shoes is essential. And because of that Pearl Izumi Women’s All-Road III cycling shoe is the shoe that is ideal for indoor, trail and road training.

This shoe is a highly graded snug fit design that comes with Velcro strap which provide comfort fit and easy putting on and off.

These Straps are positioned at a 25-degree angle to increase comfort and security by reducing pressure and offering better contouring of the foot. The shape and the anatomic closure of this shoe helps in eliminating instep pressure exerted on your foot.

The concave power plate in this shoe help in transferring power to the pedals as well as enhancing stiffness and reducing weight for better foot support.

The shoe also features a synthetic leather with a ventilated, breathable upper mesh to enhance comfort. Moreover, the rubber thread sole is essential in the it provides better traction on and off the bike.

Why this shoe in the top picks?

This shoe is ideal choice for you since it is a comfortable and a durable that suits indoor and outdoor training.


It is made with synthetic leather thus making it a durable design
It comes with foamed midsole and tongue for extra comfort
It is a universal training shoe
Comes with synthetic sole
Adjustable hook and loop strap for proper snug fit
Has a padded collar


The sizing between normal shoes and cycling shoes may differ

7. Giro Empire VR90 Women’s Cycling Shoes

Giro Empire W VR90 Womens Mountain Cycling Shoe − 43,...

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This new-school lace-up style cycling shoe is the best choice if you want something lightweight, durable and comfortable.

The Giro Empire VR90 shoe is great choice for fair-weather cyclocross, cross-country riding and indoor spinning workouts. This is part of what makes its better universal cycling shoes and you should try it.

The shoes come with adjustable arch support that help cyclers enhance their fit and pedaling efficiency. This helps spinners to get rid of common discomforts such as cramping, numbness and hotspots.

The shoes feature a breathable Teijin Samo upper with microfiber empire laces for proper snug fit. It also come with durable holder knot, and a lightweight rubber toe cap.

Its outsole design is in a way that it offers more efficiency by providing direct and powerful connection with the pedals. Furthermore, it’s the outsole features three stiffness zones: Toe, Arch, and Heel.

Why this shoe in the top picks?

This shoe comes with an antimicrobial fiber which is made with a layer of pure silver. The fiber is 100% natural and help regulate heat as well as reducing odor.

Moreover, it has 3-stiffness sole zones, rubber soles, and breathable water-repelling fabric.


It is a performance fit shoe that supports low to mid-volume foot security and comfortability.
It is a high volume hit shoes
Giro VR90 is a women’s performance fit shoe.
Most durable design


It has less side protection
And may take more time to lace them up

8. Louis Garneau Women’s Jade Bike Shoes

Louis Garneau Jade Women's Cycling Shoe: Black/Blue 40

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Louis Garneau Women’s Jade spin shoes are another quality entry-level shoes. So if you are a first-timer and you need quality spin shoes, then this shoe is ideal since it delivers everything needed from cycling shoes.

This shoe is not only designed to provide ultimate performance but also to safety while spinning indoors. It features a seamless upper design that is made from synthetic leather with cycling mesh to improve comfort.

This material and design also help to eradicate painful pressure points as well as enhancing aerodynamics. The shoes also cines with loop fasteners and the offset hook which responsible for making the adjustments easy.

To reduce heat in your feet, the shoe is reinforced with nylon and comes with an original Ergo Air multi-vent system as well as a strong and light outsole.

To keep your heel supported and firmly in place, inside the cup of this shoe is fitted with HRS-80 retention.

Why this shoe in the top picks?

Because it is a super-tough design that is lightweight and designed to balance support, breathability, and comfort.


The shoe is an all-day comfortable type
Better SPD compatibility
Comes with secure and adjustable Velcro straps
Better aerodynamics
Improved arch supports


It is a stiff design thus offering less flexibility

BUYING GUIDE : Think to consider before choosing the Best Indoor Cycling Shoes Womens

In order to get the best indoor cycling shoes for women, then you need to do two things:

  • Learn how to choose the best cycling shoes for women
  • Know what to look for in women’s cycling shoes

And without any doubt, I can assure you that you will get the best cycling shoes if you do these two things well. They include factors and principles that guide you through when making bike shoes purchase.

That said, let’s start by looking at how to choose the best brand or type of shoe for your indoor cycling.

How to choose the best cycling shoes for women?

The Type of Brand.

Indoor or outdoor cycling will always require the best cycling shoes. And for that, you will need to do proper research on which brand is the best is the best in the market.

However, there are several brands in the market with different types of cycling shoes; some are quality other types are not.

Based on the above top 8 product review, you can clearly see that we have gone from brand to brand to get you the best shoe by brand. This is because we want to provide a variety of choices for you that satisfies your taste and preference.

Go through Reviews.

Be careful because some shoes might not be what they advertise them to be even if they look beautiful. So, the only way to know that this or that shoe is the best is by going through customers’ reviews in sites like Amazon and Walmart. This will help you understand whether that specific shoe is worth your money.


Finally, the budget. What is the price of that shoe? Can you afford it? Remember, there are a variety of differently priced shoes in the market.

From expensive to the cheapest, all are available. But don’t choose price over important features like comfort, support, and durability.

If you keenly look at our product section above, you will notice that there are some affordable (not that cheap), and then there are some expensive brands. We have put these special features under consideration while making our product selection.

Now you know the right process of choosing the best possible type of shoes, but do you know features to look for while choosing the best shoes? Let’s see!

Feature to look for in women’s indoor cycling shoes

Here are the features that you should look at while choosing your preferred cycling shoe.


Whether you are undertaking an indoor, mountain, or track cycling, you need the best cycling shoes. And for a shoe to be the best, then it has to have advanced comfort features.

There is a higher likelihood that you will be wearing cycling shoes for a significant amount of time daily or 3-4 times a week. Therefore, you should look for comfort features such as foamed midsole and padded collars and tongue.

Proper Fit.

The other way of ensuring better comfort is by choosing a properly fitting shoe. So, having a shoe that snuggly fits around the heel and with extra room around the toe box will provide better support and prevent cramping.

Also, to ensure that you get better performance, you should avoid larger shoes. Check whether there are any overlapping edges or materials when bent. Remember, wearing no shoes is similar to wearing bad shoes; as a result, you should get a snug-fitting shoe for yourself.


This feature also complements comfort. Keep in mind that having a breathable shoe will ensure your feet don’t overheat while spinning.

However, each shoe is designed differently, and therefore their breathability differs. Consequently, you should look for features like ventilated mesh, breathable vent mesh, or perforated sock liner.

Fastening system.

As said earlier, each shoe type or brand features different fastening system designs. Therefore, the fastening system can differ from one type of shoe to the other.

This is because there are a variety of fastening systems that can be included in any shoes. However, each fastening system comes with its pros and cons.

The common fastening systems include Velcro, BOA, ratchet, laces, and Dial closure. But sometimes one system can be used as a secondary closure to another system for example Velcro closures


For clip-on bike shoes, you will need the more texture sloe so as to accommodate the cleats. Despite most cycling shoes being flat shoes, you will need the clip-in bike shoes with a little flexible sole.

Having little flexible soles is essential since it will provide a bit of comfort as well as enhance power transfer to the pedal.

Therefore, you can get shoes with a premium level sole crafted from stiffer carbon fiber. However, they will be expensive.


Shoe durability is always down to its construction. Having a durable shoe will not only save you spending more money on replacements but also ensuring successful rides. This will help you avoid worries about your sole falling off or vent mesh tearing.


Material plays an important role when it comes to comfort, durability, and performance. This means you should choose a shoe made from the right material. Therefore, the most common and quality materials are lightweight synthetic material.

Lightweight synthetic carbon fiber is widely used, so choosing the suitable material will depend on where you are going to ride with.


The type of cleats in your exercise bike will determine the type of shoes you will choose. A specific shoe cam suits universal use, which means you can use it in any bike. However, some shoe designs are only suitable for one particular type of cleats.

And to ensure you get the right fit shoe check on your bikes descriptions before you commit to buying a specific type or brand. Furthermore, you should check whether your bike has flat pedals or not.

Why Should I Buy Cycling Shoes?

Cycling is an art that needs special tools to enhance its performance, and one of these tools is cycling shoes. So here are the reasons why you should buy cycling shoes for your indoor spin training session.

For Better Power and Balance.

Cycling shoes have stiff bottoms made to clip into the pedal, which improvers power transfers to the pedal stroke. And because of this, you can engage more muscles in your leg and body.

Without cycling shoes, you cannot engage hamstring since you will only be using quadriceps to push the pedals down. But by wearing a cycling shoe, you can pull up the pedal, thus engaging your hamstring muscles too.


Unlike cycling shoes, most other shoes are not made to be as breathable and comfortable as it should if used for cycling. This is why most cycling shoe comes with perforated mesh or linings on them.

Mood and Performance Enhancement.

If you have been working out for a while, then you know what this means. Having the right shoes and clothes while doing your workouts will generally boost your mood, which in turn boosts your performance. This is according to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Enhanced comfort and protection.

Remember using regular shoes for indoor cycling will bring a lot of discomfort and pain. This is simply because their design is not suitable to efficiently handle that kind of workload.

But using the best cycling shoes, you will enjoy the beneficial feature adorned to them. Protection is another factor that other shoes lack, and this is why you need to get bike shoes.


Despite most cycling shoes being designed with the ability to prevent odor and sweating, it doesn’t deal with all of it. This is why you will always need to clean your shoes regularly. This will help your shoes to feel more comfortable and fresh as well as ensuring your studio is clean too.

How should indoor cycling shoes fit?

If they don’t fit properly, then having the best type of cycling shoes will mean nothing and you will gain little from it.

Therefore, knowing how to size your shoes and set the cleat is essential to achieve effective cycling. So here are the tips to help you set up cycling shoes.

  • The cleats are attached to the bike but not to the shoe itself; therefore, you will need to get the right pedal shoes that suit the cleats you already have. But if the shoe came with cleats, then you need the right type of pedal to go with them.
  • After that, you can then attach the cleats by simply placing them on the bottom of the shoe. Ensure that you have lined them up with the holes nearest the toes and then tighten them using a hex wrench.
  • You can then reposition your cleats based on how you like it.

This is for the ones using shoes with cleats, mostly if you are training indoor for an actual road trip or race.

However, how tight should cycling shoes be?

Generally speaking, this is something that most people don’t really care, but honestly speaking, it is essential. So, a well-fitting cycling shoe should be fairly tight when you wear it.

And with less pressure being applied on the instep, the shoe should also be a snug fit around the heel. This is applicable in all types of indoor cycling shoes be either the universal or cleat designed shoes.

Keep in mind that wearing a cycling shoe keeps your forefoot stable while enhancing power transfer to the pedals. And for that, you will get power, comfort, flexibility, and tightness needed for practical indoor cycling.

One thing to note is that some shoes can be wider or longer than others. This is why you need to test or choose the right type and size of cycling shoes to avoid discomfort and less power transfer.

Women’s Cycling Shoes FAQ

What are the best women’s cycling shoes for spinning?

To build your endurance, burn calories, lower body toning, and keeping fit, then Spinning is an excellent workout choice. And for better spinning performance you need the best spinning shoes.

But the fact is the best women’s spinning shoe depends on several factors like cleats, no cleats, type of spin bike, your fitness needs, etc. Therefore, the best will be defined by you.

However, there are some essential features that each type should have to be considered best. These features include comfort, durability, flexibility, and breathability features.

Do cycling shoes make a difference in spin class?

Yes, a huge difference. Cycling shoe comes with its benefits, and those benefits make a massive difference in spin class. These difference include:

  • Improved comfort
  • Better power transfer to the pedals while spinning
  • Ability to work out more than one muscle while spinning
  • In give better protection and support to your feet.
  • Come with enhanced breathability feature, which prevents overheating of your foot.

When should I replace my indoor cycling shoes?

The ideal time to replace your indoor cycling shoes is when they are worn out. But how do you know they are worn out? First is when they are falling off your feet, which means the entire shoe has loosened up.

Secondly, is when the cleats are falling off or when the threads in the sole have worn out. And finally, when your shoe’s upper body is losing its grip and tearing off.

Should I buy cycling shoes a size bigger?

NO. Wearing the wrong size of cycling shoes can lead to several problems. People are used to buying a size bigger shoes when buying their regular shoes, but that isn’t the case when it comes to cycling shoes. This is because having a size bigger shoes will strain your lower leg muscle, which lowers power production.

Should cycling shoes be tight or loose?

Tight but not too tight. The essence of wearing a fitting cycling shoe is to get proper comfort, hence power production, and get sufficient support. But wearing loose shoes will generally affect all these, which means less effective workouts.

But having a too-tight shoe can affect them too. Therefore, a well-fitting shoe should be fitting snugly and reasonably tight.


Overall, the best cycling shoe for women is the one that best serves your needs. And in our top 8 product reviews, we have unveiled some of the best and affordable bike shoes in the market.

Check our buying guide in order to determine the best one for you among the above eight shoes.

These shoes are the highly-graded, durable, comfortable, and advanced types of shoes that grant you with ultimate performance.

They reduced excessive pressure on your joints, and this is due to their supper support and protection features they have.

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